Below Are Some Frequently Asked Questions...


Do I need to sign a contract with your company in order to sell Roadies Chicken?

Our one page agreement’s only goal is for you to prepare the best fresh product, using our supplies and techniques, then you can display the Roadies signage, POP materials and branded packaging. Done.


Do I have to pay any fees or royalties while doing business with Roadies Chicken?

NO NO NO! There are no ongoing fees or royalties. Our business model is dependent on you being successful. The more you sell, the more supplies you purchase.


Do I have to buy my poultry from you?

NO! As long as you purchase fresh poultry, as we spec, you should get it from the best available supplier available to you.
Any program that requires you to purchase their “special” poultry is just adding additional costs that should be going to your bottom line.


What type of support will you give me?

From the very beginning, the most important thing we can do to help you make the decision as to whether this program is a good fit for you and your business. If the answer is yes, then we proceed with the following:

Store Layout: Because there are a few pieces of equipment necessary to be in the fried chicken business, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “will this fit in my store?” We will work closely with you to determine the right layout to maximize your potential for success.

Training: We have one of the most comprehensive training programs in the industry. Our training program begins the day after you make the decision to go forward with the Roadies Chicken program and it never ends!
Marketing: We can assist you with the marketing of the Roadies Chicken program with outside signage, inside signage, menu boards, customer menus, flyers and handouts. Briefly, we are here to help you in any way that is reasonable to help you grow your business.

Equipment: We will help you find the proper equipment for your location, possibly existing, possibly from our company or another qualified source.

Products: Our products have been developed and tested to create “The Best Tasting Chicken!” In order to present “The Best Tasting Chicken,” we have the best looking packaging to support the sales of our products.


What happens if I need some help in managing this business?

We offer free management consulting available to all of our customers. We will help you resolve a wide variety of challenges that arise as our business grows, matures and adjusts to an ever-changing marketplace.


What if I decide this isn’t for me?

You agree to cease the display of any Roadies branded signage, POP and branded packaging.

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